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3,700 USD

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Package 3

If you are wanting a full day from first hellos, to the very last goodbye, this one is for you. You will get the benefits of having that second photographer, to the familiarity of the camera from our engagement time together. Fine Art Prints are also included with this package.


10 hours of continuous coverage

2 Photographers

Engagement session

Shared copyright with Printing rights


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Second Photographer


It's nice to have the flexibility that a second photographer provides on the day of. From hanging out with the groomsmen while they get ready, to making sure all the smiles and hugs don't go unnoticed during cocktail hour. Recommended for weddings over 120 guests.

This is where I get to know you and we have fun! I keep things natural and honest during our time together and will always keep your connection at the center.

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Starting at:



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