I can see you, years from now, pulling out your photos and looking at them together. You see a photo of the way you were laughing on your wedding day. Your nose crinkled up, and your right dimple buckled by joy. The way your dad's eye's welled up with pride and the awareness that a lifetime of memories have all lead to this moment. The way your brand new daughter's body folded right into your elbow, and you remember how you could smell the innocence and the beauty of motherhood. These are moments in time, not forced but honest. That simple act of remembering fills the room you are in now with the same essence that was present so many years ago. This is the power of remembrance, and the gift of documenting lives. These are your memories and this time is sacred.

As a photographer I am dedicated to the integrity of your connection. To capturing your day the way it unfolds. To step in when I need to, but also to step back and simply notice the moment with my camera.

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