The Byrums. A Photo Trade Out.

in a world where most photographers are not willing to help a follow photographer, these guys are definitely the exception to the rule. kristin and aaron are good friends of mine and have always been incredibly sweet and helpful since the first day i met them. they both love pictures, love God and love people. i owe a lot of where i am to their help and support, although they may not think they have done much of anything. they are kind, giving and if you have ever had your picture taken by aaron you will know he is crazy funny. i have spent hours talking with kristin about life, shopping, photography and our faith and always leave feeling encouraged and filled up. words can not express how thankful i am for these 2. i had the privilege of getting to do a photo trade out with them...they take our pictures and i take theirs. i so wanted to do an amazing job for them....mostly to say thank you so much for everything! i am super excited about how the images turned out. the pictures they took for us are, of course, amazing...i will be posting soon.

Byrum-1Byrum-2Byrum-3Byrum-5Byrum-6Byrum-7BYrumBlog1Byrum-14Byrum-16Byrum-17byrumblog2Byrum-20Byrum-21Byrum-22Byrum-23Byrum-24Byrum-25byrumblog3...and a little film for ya