Hi, I am Nicole!
I was born and raised in Southern California.
I love wedding tears, personal vows, couples who are crazy in love, and laughing till my sides hurt. 
I met my husband in the mountains of North Carolina, and ever since, these mountains have been the backdrop for the greatest love story I have ever known- ours. 
My approach to photography is always intentional. I try to keep things as organic as possible, always keeping your hearts and your love at the center of  the story.

Photography is so personal to me. It's creative and individualized, 
sentimental and fun, it's treasure-hunting and adventurous. It is sometimes moments of sheer beauty intertwined in a sea of chaos.
It's essentially all of the words that seem to hide when it comes time to
describe the most special moments in life. And so, for me, my words are best given through pictures.